USA LED’s Installation team installs facility wide retrofit for industrial warehouse
USA LED’s  HBF 150 Watt High Bay Round Fixtures  reduced power consumption by 67%  

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CAPTION: USA LED's HBF Series High Bay with motion sensor, 90 minute emergency battery back-up and 90 degree lens.     

USA LED’s turnkey solutions team installed a facility wide retrofit focused on a dramatic increase in energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs  and improved the quality of light. In total,  149  USA LED HBF 150 Watt High Bay Round fixtures  were installed.   These included  111 with integral  360 degree motion detection and 38 with both motion detection and 90 minute emergency battery back-up.


Motion sensors were programmed to reduce power to 10% after 30 minutes, creating even more savings. 


The high efficiency (150 lumens per watt) lighting replaced 400w metal halide fixtures which consume 460 Watts including ballast consumption.  


Overall, the new warehouse will reduce its lighting energy consumption by more than 178,000 kWh each year.


The resultant lighting increased the foot-candle (fc) levels on the ground from 18 fc average to 31 fc.


With the lower power load, USA LED was able to convert the line voltage power supply from 480 v to 277 volts, enabling a lower cost solution and more reliable LED driver solution.